Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Phillips Demo

About a week and a half ago I was in a demo derby in Phillips. In my last post I had said that I was going to be doing the women's (powderpuff) derby. We had a bachelor/bachelorette party the night before so it was an early morning! We had to be up and on the road by 10 at the latest, lets just say we didn't attempt to leave any earlier. Well we got up to Phillips and plans changed a little bit. They weren't sure if they were going to have a powderpuff derby, so I decided to run with the guys. I figured I had a car up there, so why not right? So the picture below is from the night before when both parties were at one bar, and of course we are looking our best like normal! ;-)
These pictures are from the derby. This was my heat and I had to be the top two to go to the feature. At this moment I was really nervous!! I all of a sudden didn't feel so well and was wondering what I got my self into!!
Good news! I won my heat! WooHoo so here is me driving off the track after the heat was finished. The heat took less than two minutes but it was so much fun I couldn't wait for the feature!
This is a picture from the feature. You can't see me real well and the picture is blurry but I am the car in the top right. There were 12 cars to start the feature.
After making some good hits and getting hit by a guy that pushed me all the way accross the track I got stuck on the cement block. Darn bumpers who needs them anyways! As I was trying to free my car from the block my radiator hose broke off and starting throwing really hot water everywhere, including in my face and on my hands. No worries I didn't get burnt! But the officials stopped the derby to make sure I was ok.
So I got out and counted the cars that were left. One, two, three, four, five......wait five, that's it! That means I took 6th out of 12! I was so excited and had so much fun! The car still runs and might be able to be in one more demo, I guess we will see what demo season brings.

On the way home Jordy and I were talking and he asked "So now do we have to build you a car for next year?" I just laughed and said no I will use the one you already wrecked!

Monday, August 10, 2009

If Your Not Busy

I just thought that I would let everyone know that this Sunday August 16th is the Phillips fair.
There is a Demo Derby on Sunday afternoon and one that starts at 5pm. Well in the picture below you can see Jordy's dad Ray's demo car. That particular car will be running in the Phillips Demo Derby, but there will be a different driver.

ME!!! I am going to be in the PowderPuff Derby at the 5pm show. So if you don't have plans and don't mind a little Sunday drive come cheer me on! I am a little nervous but very excited!

And again another derby

I know I know, it is about time that I post something. Well during the summer we have a very packed schedule between demos and parties and weddings and trying to spend some time with eachother on the weekends. I am sure that not all of you know but Jordy got a job back on the raod. He is working for Zenith Tech, building bridges, so he is gone all week and comes home on weekends that he doesn't have to work.

During the fair I worked alot as an EMT and it worked out perfect because I was already in the pits for the demo. Jordy's little brother Josh and his dad Ray were in the demo on Sunday. Josh ended up taking 4th in the feature. Ray didn't make it to the feature but was happy that Josh made it.

The picture below is from the first show, and as the announcer said it this is a "Judnic Sandwhich". That is Josh inbetween the two cars. Needless to say we had to do a little hood work before the second show.

Here is Jordy watching closely so he can give the guys signals if needed.

Ray is such a good sport! Even though he didn't make it to the feature he still threw stuffed animals into the crowd for the kids. This has actually became a tradition when he runs.