Friday, December 3, 2010

What A Car!!

I went to Medford Motors the other day to test drive a car, and to be honest the only reason I did this is because if you test drive a new car you get a free oil change!! And let me tell you I am all about getting a deal! So Jordy and I have been looking to get a new car for a while now, but we are going to hold off until I am done with school. The car we really want is a 2010 Chevy Malibu, we actually test drove one for a couple days and loved it! Well I wanted to test drive something equvilant to the Malibu, so they let me test drive a 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid!! And I think I fell in love with it, it was absolutly amazing, then again you can't really go wrong when it get 36-40 miles to the gallon! So I went home and told Jordy I love this car and I want it for Christmas! hahaha Yeah right like that would happen! Here is a picture of the hybrid, oh yeah and it even had the little leaf system in it! The more leaves it shows the more efficient the car is, how cool is that!

After talking about the car for a while, Jordy goes to the computer and tells me that we wouldn't have to get a Ford, because the car we want also comes as a hybrid!! So after doing some research, I just have to win the lottery and then I might be able to afford it. Maybe in about 10 years we will get a 2010 hybrid....hahah

Friday, October 15, 2010

Parker John Judnic

I know that this is a little late, but I just couldn't help myself. Parker John Judnic was born on September 21st, he was 6lbs 2oz and 18 inches long. This is the first baby in Jordys family, so he got to experience holding his nephew for the first time! He is so precious and is such a joy to have in the family. Even though I am not a "true" auntie, I will still spoil him ;)! Parker and mother are doing great, and he is already getting so big!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Its Demo Time!!

If you recall last year I was in a Demo Derby in Phillips. Well this year I AM BACK! I will be participating in the Medford Demo Derby this year. The Demo is on Aug 1st at the fairgrounds. I am so excited, and can't wait to kick some butt in my Demo car!

Here is a picture of my car from last year. Lets just hope that the radiator doesn't blow up in my face again, that kinda hurt! This is me running away from the car trying to get my helmet off, so I can cool my face off. Well I guess thats what happens when you are smashing things!

Sorry I couldn't get it to rotate!

Monday, May 10, 2010


Wait a minute, You know you make me want to SHOUT, Look my hand's jumpin SHOUT, Look my hearts bumpin SHOUT, Throw my head back SHOUT!
I am so excited to tell everyone that I auditioned for the Community Theater Musical, and I got the part! :) So the musical is SHOUT A MOD MUSICAL, it is based on music from 1962 to the late 1970's that is sung by 5 women. Let me tell you there are some amazing classics in this show! I am playing the "Yellow Girl" during the show we don't refer to each other by names at all, so we are colors.

So there are some pictures from online. I would like to let you all know that the show dates are June 24th-26th, so mark your calenders! I am so excited to be back on stage singing!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Like Mother, Like Daughter

This morning I got up and the first thing I did was throw some laundry in the washer. I thought to myself it is a beautiful day to hang clothes on the line, so thats what I did. Little did I know my mom is doing the exact same thing!!!! Wow are we related or what!

Love You MOM!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Weekend Away

This last weekend we went down to my aunt and uncles down in Keil. Every year they have an ice sculpting contest down the main drag of the town. This year we didn't get to see all of the sculptures so I am not sure what they all had but I did get pictures of two. These two sculptures were done in memory of my aunts friend Amy, she was killed at Fort Hood. The person that sculpted these is #2 in the US. The sculptures are an American flag with a saying underneath and the boots, gun, and helmet of a fallen soldier. What makes this so special is the sculpture was a recreation of Amy's tattoo. The first picture is just the beginning of the sculpting process, he has it drawn in the block of ice. I don't have a final picture of this sculpture.

Now he is just making some finishing touches on the second sculpture. It is an amazing piece of art!

God Bless to all of the fallen soldiers!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Just an Update

I just wanted to Thank everyone for thinking about me! As of right now Tuesday, the day of my surgery was the best. Wednesday started out a little shaky, got a little better as the day went on, and then took a turn for the worse! I got horribly sick and was throwing up everything I tried to eat. It felt like my throat was being cut out, because it hurt so bad. Thursday was ok, I didn't get sick at all, so that was a big plus. But my pain has been getting worse and worse, because I am afraid to take a full dose of it, because I am not sure if that is what made me sick or not. Today has been a little bit better but I have been sleeping most of the day, the sleepless nights have finally caught up to me. On top of all my pain and being sick, I got a phone call today from my work. They wanted me to come into work today and tomorrow!! All I could think of was "Are you crazy!!" I just couldn't believe they would call and ask that knowing that I had surgery and that I wasn't even sure if I would be there on Monday.

Anyways, I think everything is heeling properly. However I am so sick of eating jello and drinking powerade. When I was sick jello was the only thing I was finally able to keep down, so I am sticking with that just in case. I am truly blessed to have all of you in my life, and to know that you are all thinking about me.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Megan's Tonsils are gone!!

We wanted to give an update on how Megan was doing so far....
The surgery itself was very short and went well. She has been resting all afternoon, thanks to the roxicet. Here she is resting on the couch with her prayer shawl from Grandma. From what we hear the first two days are rather minor but it is the few days following that we are not looking forward to.

I have to go back to work on Thursday but she will be in good hands with Jordy. I have already made her some pumpkin pie and some jello stuff. Tomorrow I am going to make a big bowl of mashed potatoes. I had to bring over my blender to make shakes. Sounds like a good excuse to me to drink lots of chocolate shakes.
This reminds me of when she was little and I took care of her when she was sick. It seems like it was yesterday.
written by: Mom

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Preparing For The Week To Come

Last week I went to the doctor for a constant sore throat, I went strait to an ENT (Ear Nose and Throat) doctor, because I assumed that is where they would have sent me anyway. The appointment was going well, until the doctor asked if I was tired alot and if I got really bad sinus headaches. Well both answers were yes. The response "What are you doing tomorrow, you need surgery as soon as possible". I have to get my tonsils out because I have tonsillitis so bad that my body is trying to fight it off, but is really making my body weaker because my body can't fight it off. I am going in for surgery on Tuesday morning in Medford.

So in preparation for this next week I went groceries shopping, and it is not very easy to get only things that are soft or plain liquid. According to the doctor I won't even be able to eat scrambled eggs until late Thursday. The pictures below are what I will be living on for the next 5-6 days. He said I can try to some things like Macaroni and Cheese and Eggs but I won't be able to eat very much.
Since my favorite ice cream is Mint Bon Bon, and that has chocolate chunks in it, he said I can't eat that so I got rainbow sherbet instead. However with how cold it is supposed to be this week I am not so sure I will be eating very much of this.

And the rest of my liquid/very soft food diet. MMMM don't you wish you could eat like this for a week. I would rather it be steak, burgers and french fries. So if you want to stop I will be home all week, but I won't be able to talk very much. And yes Jordy says it will be a peaceful week, haha but he has to do all the dishes! ;)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy Holidays

Just a couple pictures from the holidays. Thanks to everyone that spent the holidays with us, we are truly blessed! We wish everyone a safe and happy 2010!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!