Friday, December 3, 2010

What A Car!!

I went to Medford Motors the other day to test drive a car, and to be honest the only reason I did this is because if you test drive a new car you get a free oil change!! And let me tell you I am all about getting a deal! So Jordy and I have been looking to get a new car for a while now, but we are going to hold off until I am done with school. The car we really want is a 2010 Chevy Malibu, we actually test drove one for a couple days and loved it! Well I wanted to test drive something equvilant to the Malibu, so they let me test drive a 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid!! And I think I fell in love with it, it was absolutly amazing, then again you can't really go wrong when it get 36-40 miles to the gallon! So I went home and told Jordy I love this car and I want it for Christmas! hahaha Yeah right like that would happen! Here is a picture of the hybrid, oh yeah and it even had the little leaf system in it! The more leaves it shows the more efficient the car is, how cool is that!

After talking about the car for a while, Jordy goes to the computer and tells me that we wouldn't have to get a Ford, because the car we want also comes as a hybrid!! So after doing some research, I just have to win the lottery and then I might be able to afford it. Maybe in about 10 years we will get a 2010 hybrid....hahah


Patti said...

Dad says that if you get a 2010 in 10 years it will be a 10 year old car and you should get a good deal on it!! Smartass..

I say, you know me, I have to go with the Ford.

sarahsoha said...

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