Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Weekend Away

This last weekend we went down to my aunt and uncles down in Keil. Every year they have an ice sculpting contest down the main drag of the town. This year we didn't get to see all of the sculptures so I am not sure what they all had but I did get pictures of two. These two sculptures were done in memory of my aunts friend Amy, she was killed at Fort Hood. The person that sculpted these is #2 in the US. The sculptures are an American flag with a saying underneath and the boots, gun, and helmet of a fallen soldier. What makes this so special is the sculpture was a recreation of Amy's tattoo. The first picture is just the beginning of the sculpting process, he has it drawn in the block of ice. I don't have a final picture of this sculpture.

Now he is just making some finishing touches on the second sculpture. It is an amazing piece of art!

God Bless to all of the fallen soldiers!